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Mister Pereira has signed a contract with the current champion of the Libertadores Cup and has proved again the strenght of GolMania.

Yes! We are the chosen ones to play in the Corinthians Arena, even before the professional team.

If you’re a Corinthians fan, ¡enter now!
And if your not… why not showing off… You’re the boss! >>> <<<

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Few places in the world have supporters that literally shake the stadium – and all around like a earthcake – like here. Turkey arrived in GolMania and the crowd goes mad!

Estádio Turquia GolMania

Perform before this amazing multitude and fight for the new Tülbent Cup! The stage is set to the show and is floating over the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is really blowing it out!

Play now on Facebook and on Google+ and win the turkish army of supporters – or be devoured by the them!

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Many countries have historical ties to this country. The scene of historic battles and imposing empires, Italy welcomes GolMania. A new stadium! The Colosseum trembles!


And as always, each stadium has it´s own trophy. Dress in your armor to prepare for the toughest defense in soccer, take aim and get ready to win “The Gladiator” cup!


There´s something else? Of course! By using the new icon for Photo Publishing, you can take a photo in GolMania when you choose: in the trophy room, when comparing an achievement with a friend or even the scoreboard. It will automatically publish an album to your profile. And like any good forward, you will know the exact moment to do it!

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Would you like to have an elite player on your team who doesn´t suffer from tackles? What about your fans saving you in a critical moment of the game? The GolMania store is now open and the Power Ups are here!

You´ll have everything you need to be a big shot, a top player! From now on you will be able to use 3 Power Ups per game when you choose! Pereira will recommend the best for each situation, check out the options!

Pereira, the Wall: Pereira will enter your penalty area and for 5 seconds your goal will be invincible!


The Fans Tremor: Pereira will enter your penalty area and for 5 seconds your goal will be invincible!

El Temblor de la hinchada

Paper Rain: Thousands of tiny papers thrown by your fans will cover the screen of your opponent, impeding their vision for three seconds.

Lluvia de papelitos

No-tackle Play: The player with the ball will be immune to tackles for 5 seconds.

Barrilete Cósmico

Freezing Ray: Freeze your opponent´s players near your player with the ball within a certain radius for 2 seconds.

Rayo Congelante

What are you waiting for? Get your Power Ups and surprise your rival! Try now and tell us your favorite!
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A champion measures their success by the number of achievements and trophies they have won. Show your friends and the world that you are the king, you can now compare yourself with them!


Who is the best? Find out now!
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Hi Top Scorer!

Do you want to have GolMania in your Facebook favorites? After doing this, when you enter in GolMania from the favorites section, you will get 2 extra energies! And later on, each time you enter and play from your favorites you will receive extra coins for your team!

I’ll explain you how to do it! It’s faster than a counter-attack goal!

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There´s a new stadium available in Latin America! Colombia is waiting to celebrate your goals, so get ready to delight the fans and prepare to use your offense!

Colombia Stadium

When it comes to Colombia, it couldn´t be called anything else but the “Speedy Coffee” tournament, enter now! And if you win it, don´t drink it all because you won´t be able to sleep for days!

Colombia Cup

Play now!

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When we said that GolMania was real soccer we weren´t kidding. Legendary Argentine clubs River Plate and Boca Juniors have arrived at GolMania! Pereira is happy!

You can now play in the stadiums of two of Argentina´s most famous clubs. You can wear their legendary jerseys and defend their historic shields. And each stadium has it´s own achievements!

The fans are getting rowdy, listen to the drums and watch the flags fly! Firecrackers light up the sky. You can feel the passion from far away. Are you ready to run onto the field?

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There is nothing more important to a soccer player than defending their jersey and wearing it with pride. The jersey represents the club´s glory and the spirit of the team. It´s your identity!

That´s why now in GolMania you can choose your favourite shirt for your team. Your opponents should recognize it and tremble with fear!

Today it´s your turn, tomorrow it´s mine! Gifting is here! Don´t let your friends burn out or be left without enough energy to run! Now in GolMania, if you run out of energy or coins your friends can give you what you need!

Try the new gifting feature and show how you´re the definition of Fair Play! Play now!

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Get ready to tackle an amazing new combo!
A soccer star becomes a legend winning tournaments and starring in epic milestones. You´re already accumulating trophies, so now the achievements are here! Participate in different tests to prove you´re a real crack.

And because there is always more in GolMania….

Pereira will show you your exact performance whenever you need it: ball possession, average goal score, effectiveness and more. The result of these stats will be a number between 1 and 1000, which will be your performance in GolMania.
They say Pereira, when young and slim, was the only one to make it to 1000.

You didn´t think that was it, did you?

There´s one more update but only for those brave enough:
You can now enjoy the new betting mode, available in one stadium every day. Are you ready to put your coins in play?

I would also like to let you know that Pereira is a bit mysterious. For this reason the last announcement you will discover for yourself. But here´s a clue: your opponents will be left speechless and furious!

The competition awaits! Play now and tell us how you did!

Have you seen GolMania’s new stadiums?